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Adelaide Strata & Community Management (ASCM) is a successful, award-winning strata management company which continues to push beyond industry standards to shape smarter, sustainable, cost effective and high performing strata communities.

Established in 1992, ASCM offers extensive experience managing strata corporations from diverse properties including small to medium residential buildings and townhouses through to large residential developments, commercial mixed-use properties, and hotels.

ASCM Community Managers work closely with Management Committees and Corporations to provide impartial, forward-thinking professional advice and effective services.

In 2020 ASCM was rewarded for its dedication to the strata industry by winning Strata Community Australia (SA)’s coveted Medium Strata Business of the Year Award.

Challenge Strata Management (CSM) is a Gold Coast boutique company staffed with reputable and highly knowledgeable local body corporate experts.

Since 1995 CSM has dedicated its attention on local area properties ranging in size from small apartment buildings to large high-rise towers, commercial and mixed-use properties as well as resorts.

The entire CSM team is Gold Coast based. Collectively they review, plan and deliver outstanding, effective management services for diverse Bodies Corporates, creating lucrative and harmonious communities for its clients.

CSM has earned its enviable, local reputation with its powerful combination of people and corporate philosophy to retain its leading advantage.

Ernst has an impressive heritage dating back to 1979 when the company originated from a division within the world’s top accounting firm, Arthur Young & Company (now EY).

Today, with enviable structures, teams and proven procedures in place, Ernst Body Corporate Management continues to deliver its comprehensive, tailored body corporate services with complete transparency, accountability, and engrained professionalism.

With offices located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Ernst manages a varied portfolio of prestigious high-rise residential and commercial buildings, hotels and resorts and excels with managing smaller residential properties, townhouses, and villa complexes.

The Ernst team are highly experienced, extremely personable and strive towards continuously improving the customer experience.

Strata Title Management, or STM for short, has been planning, establishing and managing successful Owners Corporations throughout New South Wales and over the Queensland border since 1978.

STM’s longevity and proven strategies, combined with its evolving experience and heavy investment in people, training and technology, has positioned the Company as an industry leader and a popular choice amongst Owners Corporations.

STM manages a diverse portfolio including heritage homes, small apartment and townhouse complexes to large residential communities, mixed-use high-rises, industrial and commercial properties as well as hotels.

The strata solutions we provide are specifically designed to meet the special needs of each property. Working closely with committees and owners, our teams provide impartial, helpful professional advice and services, while educating owners of their responsibilities to enhance their strata experience.

Established in 1982, Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) has a strong reputation in the marketplace for delivering tailored, innovative solutions to maximise outcomes for its Owners Corporations.

With a solid heritage in strata management, VBCS’s corporate knowledge and experience is widespread. From townhouse complexes and small residential apartment blocks right up to community developments, hotels and commercial properties, VBCS has multi-skilled Community Managers in place to add value to every property shape and size.

Our management processes have been tried and thoroughly tested, then refined to suit our clients. The strata management we deliver is specific for each property. It’s effective, targeted and addresses the matters relevant for that location. We listen, we plan, and we work with committees to deliver results in the best interests of all owners.

VBCS is also a founding member of industry association, Strata Community Australia (VIC).

We believe an informed community is a successful community. Education Library is dedicated to share real life, real stories that inform, educate, and inspire all current and future strata owners.

The Smarter Communities group, collectively, are united by one corporate vision; to deliver smart solutions to create a better lifestyle for people living and invested in communities. Our ultimate goal is to increase the value of our customers’ property investments in a sustainable way by providing greater access to quality information and empowering them to make smarter decisions about their community.

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